Our Services 

Family Counselling

Windsor Essex Counselling Centre offers a range of family counselling services, both individual and family options, that aim to create open lines of communication and strengthen your family dynamic. 

Personal Counselling

Windsor Essex Counselling Centre personal counselling sessions examine the clients thoughts and feelings and offers support while they overcome life’s most complicated challenges. 

Couples Counselling

Windsor Essex Counselling Centre provides an environment that encourages an open and honest dialogue as well as techniques to help resolve conflict and perpetuate growth.

Grief Counselling

Adjusting to life without a loved one is a difficult transition. Windsor Essex Counselling Centre works to soothe the grieving thoughts and behaviours while learning to manage and come to terms with the loss of your loved one.

Addiction Counselling

Through our Addiction Recovery program at Windsor Essex Counselling Centre, clients learn to analyze their behaviour patterns and how to take action in problem-solving their addiction.

Life Coaching 

Windsor Essex Counselling Centre has proven strategies to help you develop new skills, solve financial problems, explore new career opportunities, improve your romantic life, and achieve a greater work/life balance.

For your convenience online and over the phone sessions are available upon request.

Fees and Insurance

At Windsor Essex Counselling Centre, our standard rate for all counselling services is $120.00 per 60 minute session. This payment can be made through most insurance programs such as Green Shield, EAP's and private insurance companies. If you are unsure if your plan covers the counselling you require, contact your insurance provider to learn what is included in your plan. We offer reduced rates for lower incomes clients to ensure everyone has equal access to mental health support.


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